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Anti Fog Safety

Safety Dry Cloths (Pack of 5)

Stop fog from forming on your essential safety equipment with Nano Magic’s on-the-go safety dry cloths. This anti fog solution was originally designed to provide Navy Seals with clear vision in the most extreme conditions. The nanotechnology inside manipulates solutions on a molecular level to create an incredibly powerful anti fog solution. We bake the magic into each individually packaged dry cloth and it’s moisture activated when applying to your lenses or goggles. Each Nano Magic safety dry cloth provides up to ten uses.


Ingredients and caution info.

How To Use


clean lenses for best application


moisure is needed to activate dry cloth


two minutes


gently buff with dry cloth


fold and replace in pouch for reuse

Powered By Science, Works Like Magic
  • 10 Uses per Cloth
  • Repels Moisture
  • Streak and Haze Free
  • Longer Lasting Protection


4.00/5   |  3 reviews
  1. Coach Taylor

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    Coach Taylor
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    Coach Taylor
  3. Mark

    Product works great, and customer service is very helpful. Bonus that it’s produced in the USA!

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