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stops fog streak-free military-grade

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  • 100 pre-moistened 2in1 Wipes


Calling all outdoor adventurers, factory workers, HAZMAT scientists, beach bums, and everyday spectacle wearers. Are you tired of fog creeping up on you? Let's face it, it's like trying to see through a swamp! Fear not my short and long-sighted friends, for we have a fantastic fix for your frustrating fog: a two-in-one Anti Fog + Lens Cleaner, the alliterative answer to your optical obstacles!

Our 2in1 solution is the ultimate weapon against foggy glasses, combining our optician-trusted LENS CLEANER with our military-grade ANTI FOG solution. That's right, military-grade. This stuff is so effective, you'll be saying "WOW! That's Fog Free AF!"

We designed our formula (right here in the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan, USA) to be safe and effective on all glass, optical lenses, and optical coatings, including anti-reflective, anti-glare, blue light blocking, high reflective, and mirror coatings. Because let's face it, you don't want to mess with those fancy-pants coatings that your glasses manufacturer charged you an arm and a leg for.

Our gentle formula is safe on your most sensitive lenses, so you can clean + protect your glasses with complete confidence. And with our fast-drying formula, you'll never have to worry about streaks or residue. Just crystal clear and streak-free optics, every time.

Our nanotech-powered cleaners and coatings dive deep into the nanoscopic cracks and crevices on your phone, glasses, windshields, mirrors, toilets, and other hard surfaces to clean and protect...basically 10 f*cking times better than the other guys.


Customer Reviews

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Great idea

I love this product and I love to get it in individual packs but, alot of the packs had dry clothes in them. Great product but I was pretty upset to find a number of packs had a dry wipe in it when I went to use them.

Lloyd Woody


Rochelle Yates
Effect too short

I preferred your earlier Anti-fog safety cloths which lasted for more uses. These prevent fog for a shorter time period. Do you still make the ‘Anti-Fog Safety Cloths’?