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Safety, safety, safety! This one’s for you. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, powerful anti-fog solution so your vision can stay clear and uninterrupted, you’ve come to the right place. This military-grade fog stopper was originally designed to provide the Navy Seals with fog-free vision in the most extreme conditions. So rest assured, this will outperform anything you’ve tried before.

Our nanotech-powered Anti Fog solutions form a thin invisible layer on your lenses that’s guaranteed to give you crystal clear vision while you work in the heat, humidity, cold, or changing environments.

And if you’re looking for an Anti Fog solution for your skiing trip, scuba diving with sharks, or any one of your upcoming adventures where you need to brave the elements, we’ve got you covered.

We designed our formula (right here in the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan, USA) to be safe and effective on all glass, optical lenses, and optical coatings, including anti-reflective, anti-glare, blue light blocking, high reflective, and mirror coatings. Because let's face it, you don't want to mess with those fancy-pants coatings that your glasses manufacturer charged you an arm and a leg for.

Our gentle formula is safe on your most sensitive lenses, so you can protect your glasses with complete confidence. And you'll never have to worry about streaks or residue. Just crystal clear and streak-free optics, every time.

Our nanotech-powered cleaners and coatings dive deep into the nanoscopic cracks and crevices on your phone, glasses, windshields, mirrors, toilets, and other hard surfaces to clean and protect...basically 10 f*cking times better than the other guys.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
robert j tiffin

easy to use and works great

Tim H
Best anti-fog i've ever used!

The quality of your anti-fog is beyond anything I've ever tried! Perfect clarity on ski goggles in extreme hot-cold contrast conditions, and it's long lasting. Best in the business. I'll be back for more.

Marcy G
Remarkable product!

When we tried our first bottle of the anti fog spray we couldn’t get over how well it worked, especially when wearing a mask in the winter. We’ve shared the product with a couple of our doctors who were jealous of our fog free glasses! One said he was ordering it for his whole office.
We are repeat buyers and you’ll see us again soon!

LSM Customer
Quite effective

I am a chemistry professor, and students are required to wear protective plastic goggles while performing chemical experiments in the lab. Many have problems with the inside of the goggles fogging up, especially in warmer weather. Most who have borrowed and tried my Nano Magic defog have found it effective.