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  • 10 pre-moistened Cleaning Wipes


Hey there you beautiful people! Oh…what is that? Fried chicken grease? Crusted ketchup in the corner? Is that toilet paper stuck to the back? Come on, you’re better than that. Well even if you're not (we’re not) we’ve got a fix to nix your dirty Twix fingers. It’s called SCREEN CLEANER! And it…apparently cleans your screens. (Marketing got creative with this one haha)

The extraordinary might of our nanotech-powered screen cleaner is akin to the Hulk's unstoppable force. This formidable solution harnesses the power of molecular manipulation, ensnaring dirt and oils in micelles and holding them aloft with surfactant magic. With a gentle wipe, the Hulk-like cleaner obliterates grime without harming delicate factory coatings. And it leaves behind a nano-shield, a transient armor, shielding screens against the relentless onslaught of dust and fingerprints. A true hero for your screens!

Yep, our Screen Cleaner is safe to use and super effective on all screens, devices, monitors, tablets, glass, and optical coatings (yes, even the fancy ones like anti-reflective, anti-glare, and high-reflective coatings) applied by manufacturers. This powerful, yet gentle formula (developed in our lab right here in the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan, USA) is safe on your most sensitive screens, so you can clean with confidence. And it’s fast drying so you’ll never have to worry about streaks or residue. Just crystal clear and streak-free screens, every time.

Our nanotech-powered cleaners dive deep into the nanoscopic cracks and crevices on your phone, glasses, windshields, mirrors, toilets, and other hard surfaces to clean...basically 10 f*cking times better than the other guys.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Asa A
Absolute Bomb

This product not only helps me keep my car screens clean, but my computer and phone as well! Will be buying these for the foreseeable future.

The best part about it is that it doesn't disintegrate my products like other cleaners

Rick K.
My iPhone Loves This!

I cannot stand a dirty and smudgy phone screen!
I have carefully only cleaned my phone screen with water so as not to possibly damage my phone (like glass cleaners for the home would). My sister told me about Nano Magic’s Screen Cleaner product, which is “optical grade” and totally safe on all phone screens. So I recently purchased the Screen Cleaner and have been using it to clean my iPhone daily for the past week and I am blown away! This is the best stuff I’ve ever seen and my phone has never been cleaner!
And now I also use it to clean the infotainment screen in my car.
I ❤️ this Screen Cleaner!

Dennis S
The best screen cleaner, ever!

Over the course of years, I have never found a screen cleaner that works as well as the Nano Magic Screen Cleaner. After applying to my cell phone or my TV's, I'm continually amazed how clean, streak free the screens are. When I rub my fingers across the screen afterwards, its feels smooth like a barrier of protection has been added. Highly recommend

matthew marzano

Screen Cleaner